We Set You Up to Recycle 

We set up your recycling services and your trash services.

If you have a compactor, need a roll-off, or need to start recycling at  property, call us: 470-485-1414

 We Implement Environmental/Zero Waste Goals & Action Plans

Kochan Global is based out of Atlanta, GA. We conduct a site visit with the client and benchmark what is currently occurring on site. We ask questions, and discuss the options they have to achieve goals in the environment, health, safety, waste & recycling categories.

  We Analyze Your Current Waste, Water, & Energy Consumption

Budgeted utilities are typically overlooked as being able to achieve savings or move in amount spent in a fiscal year. When Kochan Global works with your utility providers or your billing department it is always a surprise to the client that we can find savings in all of these budgeted utilities: trash/waste, water, and electricity. The biggest savings is seen through diverting your waste from the landfill.

  We Make Recommendations to Clients based on Evaluations  

The savings share models is a NO RISK, no obligation until after we present to the client how much we can save you money in each category. ROI is factored as well as any equipment changes are negotiated on the clients behalf. After these options are presented THEN you make a decision to work one on one with Kochan Global and implement savings.

   We Educate Staff & Occupants

Whether we are working in Atlanta with a for profit business, such as a hotel, multi-family space, or around the Southeast in schools and universities; it is our #1 priority to educate those on site, operating and enjoying the facility to understand the implemented changes and how the company/school/campus needs the occupants help to achieve success in sustainability.

  We Manage the Entire Process of Achieving GREEN

All you have to do is call 912.856.5662 and we will be there to answer your call, furnish a quote, implement change, educate occupants, keep you current with all ordinances and help with any logistical details for the duration of the contract; while saving on your Triple Bottom Line. Call for waste, recycling, and LEED projects.

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