America Recycles Day Every Day

If you’re not aware, America celebrates Recycling each year on November 15th! It’s November 16th, America Recycles Day, what will you do to continue the celebration?

For starters, stop buying plastic water bottles. If you really can’t part with this putrid petroleum-based product, at least RECYCLE the damn things!

Focus on the fundamentals; REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.

REDUCE consumption in your life. For example, stop going to the store all day, every day. My family actually started shopping online for groceries and household items. Not only is it convenient, but it reduces the temptation to buy our kids every shiny new thing they see.

REUSE, my personal favorite, my own personal blast from the past. Reminds me of my grandmother, who reused every glass jar and coffee can she had. Also a nod to my mother who re-purposes cardboard boxes to gravestones, creating the best Halloween haunted house in town.

RECYCLING, the mundane process of emptying, rinsing, and repeating. We can do this every single day and shift our world towards a more sustainable society.

Celebrate every day as America Recycles Day. Consider making your own t-shirt and reducing your expenses. Get reusable bags so you don’t not throw away so many plastic bags . RECYCLE clean, flattened cardboard, clean paper, rigid plastic, and of course metal, tin, steel and aluminum. Do your part all year long!